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نشافة بيكو 8ك بدون بربيش


Number of programs ( 15 )

Program 1: Cottons Iron Dry
Program 2: Cottons Eco
Program 3: Cupboard Dry
Program 4: Extra Dry
Program 5: Synthetics Iron Dry
Program 6: Synthetics Cupboard Dry
Program 7: Timer Programmes
Program 8: Daily Express
Program 9: Delicates
Program 10: Hyginene+
Program 11: Mix / Daily
Program 12: Outdoor / Sports
Program 13: Jeans
Program 14: GentleCare/Shirts
Program 15: Freshen Up


Function 1: Buzzer/Time: The machine beeps when the program ends.
Function 2: Dryness Level: The dryness level button is used to set the desired dryness level. Program times may vary depending on selection.
Function 3: Ending In: The end time can be delayed up to 24 hours by the end time function.
Function 4: Child Lock: The device has a child lock function that prevents the device program from being affected when the buttons are pressed while the program is running.


Dryer Key Specifications
Front LoadingYes
Capacity (Kg)8
Heat PumpNo
Dryer Features
Child LockYes
Display TypeYes
Number Of Drying Programs15
Dryer General Info
Country Of OriginTurkey
Energy GradeB
Noise Level - Drying (db)66
Weight (Kg)34
Dryer Warranty Info
Warranty (Device) Years1
Warranty (Motor) Years1
Dryer Dimensions
Product Width (Cm)59.7
Product Depth (Cm)56.8
Product Height (Cm)84.6
  • Specification

نشافة بيكو 8ك بدون بربيش

1,950.00₪ سعر عادي
1,690.00₪سعر البيع
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